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intuitive design | manifested for you

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  My name is Nikkita and I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up I had an independent childhood which ultimately led me to be unafraid of traveling as an adult. Since age 19 my life has been about discovering the unknown, all over the world. I've spent much time in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, The Netherlands, and hopefully many more places soon! I've followed many passions while traveling - cooking, barista, hyper reality gaming, boating, scuba diving, ski instructing, reiki healing, etc. - but crafting and creating have always been a foundational love of mine. Now I am grateful for the opportunity to focus on intuitive jewelry creations, combining Reiki energy healing and crystal designs to provide a one-of-a-kind token to promote balance and well being in your life - with love and style!

Although I've played many roles in this life, most importantly I am a spiritual being having a human experience, and SO ARE YOU.

Don't forget it.

Enjoy the ride.

Stay greatFULL

What is Reiki? Reiki is the universal life force of love. The vibration of love. It is the most natural way to help another to ease their pain, stresses, and struggles. We are all capable of Reiki, each and every one of us. As a Reiki healer my intention is to interact with your energy to reactivate, balance, and help tune your frequency to your natural state according to your unique DNA.

When you are in your natural harmonious frequency, anything incompatible cannot stick. This means that when you resonate healthy, anything undesirable can not stay. Why? Because it doesn't naturally belong in that frequency.

Interested in a Reiki healing session? Please reach out to for availability.

"Everything in life is vibration."

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